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Automotive Diagnostic Databank  

ElectraSpec is a DVD-ROM based technical databank for EFI and Automatic Transmissions, covering a large number of Australian vehicles. All of the information contained within the ElectraSpec technical databank is gathered directly from the vehicle by Electrajet's automotive technicians. ElectraSpec contains the most up to date automotive diagnostic information on the market, including the following key features.

Other features includes

ELECTRAJET Vehicle Specific Software Listings

ElectraSpec Vehicle Specific Software are sorted by Manufacturers, Volumes and Harnesses for your convenience.

  • Australian EFI and Transmission Software by Manufacturer
  • Australian EFI and Transmission Software by Volumes
  • Australian EFI and Transmission Software by Harness
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  • ElectraSpec Installation Files

    Please click the link below to
      Download ElectraSpec Installation Files

    (Please note: it may take several seconds to start downloading)

    After download ESpecInstallation.zip, please COPY all files and directories inside the pack to root directory of a USB flash drive. Then run installation from flash drive and followed steps given below:
  • Go to the flash drive then enter directory \Setups\ESpec;
  • Find Setup.exe, double click on the file then follow the installation steps
  • Please ignore the Subscrition option as it is not supported anymore;

  • Click to open installation guide running from a USB drive

    How to License Your ElectraSpec

  • How to Print License Form for ElectraSpec
  • How to Get License Code for ElectraSpec
  • Please email the License Form or the License Code to support at electrajet.com.au and remember to put your company name, contact person and phone number in the email for us to ring you back if necessary. Please expect delays of up to 5 business days for the return of unlock codes.
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    How to Resolve Unreadable ElectraSpec Texts

    When you are running ElectraSpec, licensing form print-out, open Library, Ranges, Waveforms or Test, you see symbols in the text windows ( Unreadable ElectraSpec Texts gives the license form print-out when the font is not installed properly). This might be caused by either not RESTART PC after setting up ElectraSpec, or by incorrect Linedraw Font setup. Please reference the file below to resolve the problem.
    Procedure to Setup Linedraw Font
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    Contact Details

    Automotive Electronics Diagnostic Systems
    To contact us for sale enquiries, product support and resellers in your area please contact the relevant area's below.

    Contact and Address Contact Phone Fax Details
    Sales of Electrajet Testing Equipment and ElectraSpec Software
    Mr Ted O'Brien
    Electrajet Australia
    Email: electrajetaustralia at gmail.com
    Licence ElectraSpec Issue

    Electrajet Australia
    Email: electrajetaustralia at gmail.com
    Computer Technical Assistance
    Mr Ke Zhu
    Electrajet Australia
    Email: electrajetaustralia at gmail.com
    Automotive Technical Assistance
    Please send technical request email to
    Email: electrajetaustralia at gmail.com

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